What is UpFront?

To put it simply, UpFront aims to revolutionize reservations and wait times in the restaurant industry.


UpFront is an App that lets restaurants manage their wait lines and reservations while giving the user powerful feedback on their current spot in the queue.


We are a tiny startup of three guys based out of Upstate New York. We came together because we want to improve the way we engage with the restaurants that we love.

Product Team

These are the guys that push pixels and code to make UpFront awesome.

Nick Mancini CEO

Full time entrepreneur and part time student. Through out his college career Nick has developed small websites, mobile apps, and sold high powered audio and lighting equipment. Nick teamed up with Vitaly Babiy to co-found UpFront. Together the two aim to subvert the restaurant pager system and forever change the way you wait.

Vitaly Babiy CTO

Engineer at heart, in the business for 6 years building large scale systems for the gaming industry. Together with his love to build large scale system and mobile application he decided to cofound UpFront with Nick Mancini. To revolutionize how restaurant handle their wait lists.

Henry Modisett VP Product

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Henry came to Upstate New York to study Web Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. It is there where he met the rest of the UpFront team. He draws on his product experience from working at SCVNGR and Google to design UpFront.


Our advisors keep us moving in the right direction.

Jeff Eddings

Jeff Eddings has spent the last fifteen years building Internet software, from the early days of the emerging world wide web to the latest iterations pushing the boundaries of social and mobile connectedness. He currently heads up all business products at StumbleUpon. Before StumbleUpon, Jeff spent seven years at Google, building and working with many of Google's most strategic products in advertising, search, and developer products.

Mike DelPrete

Mike is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for creating products that people love. He currents acts as head of strategy for Trade Me, the largest domestic website in New Zealand. Before that, he founded a software firm called Agora Games that built online communities around video games. In 2009, Agora was acquired by Major League Gaming, the leading eSports network in North America. Mike uses his background in Human Computer Interaction to lead tech teams and build products that focus on the user first.